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Media Analysis

Does your media profile need a polish?

Does your message never seem to see the light of day?

What issues involving your policies and business are getting all the media attention? More importantly - how do you know?

Cabix can tell you. We'll run the measuring tape over your media effectiveness.

Our media analysis will help you decide whether you're measuring up to your own objectives, whether you are hitting your targets and where your media critics get their ammunition from. Call us to find out if you're getting a fair deal in the media.

Media analysis will help you judge the outcomes, what media messages are going out to your clients and customers. Cabix media analysis will help show you what bridges need to be built.

Media analysis will get you on track. It helps pinpoint the media problems and the media successes. It helps provide an accurate indication of how people think about you and alerts you to potential issues requiring media management.

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